Great Toys for Early Childhood Development

Children learn so much through the simple activity of play. And while all play can be beneficial to their growth, there are some toys and activities that can enhance their learning and development all while they are having loads of fun!

Let’s check out some of our favorite activities and toys that help kids grow and develop while enjoying themselves!

Great Toys for Early Childhood Development



Puzzles are an amazing problem-solving toy for little kids! Puzzles require kids to slow down, analyze a picture and make an educated decision. Puzzles also give very clear yes and no scenarios, which helps kids see a problem to the end. 

Puzzles also come in various levels of skill, which allows room for growth as kids get older. Start toddlers out with basic wooden puzzles that fit into simple molds. Then you can move up to 20 or 30-piece picture puzzles. And as your child continues to grow and each level of puzzles becomes easier and easier, you can continue to challenge them with new, fun puzzles! You can even match the puzzle themes to their interests to make them even more fun.

Playdoh & Kinetic Sand

Playdoh and Kinetic Sand are amazing toys for kids for so many reasons. These kinds of toys inspire creativity and imagination to create whatever they want.

Working with playdoh and kinetic sand helps develop fine motor skills. Creating small balls, arms, legs, or other detailed items can help fine-tune a child’s motor skills. Playdough can also be a tool used for smaller children when teaching them about different colors.

Legos, Blocks, and Magnatiles

Legos, blocks, and magnatiles are other great activities for growing and developing kids. These kinds of toys are great for problem-solving, following directions, and building things freehand; all of these things are skills that kids need to learn.

Toys like magnatiles and other magnetic blocks can also teach kids early lessons in science. 

There are so many great toys out there that are fun for kids to play with and help them grow and learn at age-appropriate levels. What are some of your favorite toys for early childhood development?