Fun, Healthy Snacks for Little Kids!

Looking for some fun, healthy snacks that your little kids will love to try? We’ve got some great suggestions!

Sometimes getting kids to WANT to eat healthy snacks over the more sugary or salty snacks takes a little creativity. This could mean dressing the food up in a fun way, finding “fun” foods that can incorporate activities while eating it, or healthier sweet and salty options. 

Check out some of our favorite fun and healthy snacks for little kids!

Fun, Healthy Snacks for Little Kids!



Edamame is fun, tasty little soybeans packed with nutrition that truly are fun to eat if you buy them in the pods. Edamame is a great plant-based source of protein that is abundant in essential amino acids, fiber,  and nutrients like iron, magnesium, and B vitamins including folate, vitamin A, and vitamin K.

When you squeeze the pods a certain way, edamame beans will pop out of the pod like a little acrobat from a cannon at the circus. Kids love this! 

Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a great way to get healthy fruits into your kids as a sweet treat. Fruit salad can really include anything you like. Maybe you just have apples and bananas on hand–chop them up and mix them together in a bowl!

Or you can buy berries and kiwi for a delightful springtime flavor. You could even buy new fruits for your kids like passionfruit, pomegranates, or dragon fruit, and try it out in a fruit salad mix. Even if they don’t like the new fruit, there are a lot of other options in the bowl for them to eat.

Fruit salad is a great healthy dessert or snack!


Popcorn is a great, low-calorie snack when your kiddos are just craving something salty and fun. 

You can buy popcorn in microwavable bags for a fast option that takes almost no effort, or you can buy Jiffy-Pop popcorn that you make on the stove or buy a popcorn maker to make your own homemade popcorn. Finding a way to make popcorn with your kids takes this from just a tasty snack to a fun activity with mom or dad at the same time!

Bugs on a Log

Everyone knows that making something sound a little gross and funny usually means a home run with little kids, and that’s why Bugs on a Log is another fun, creative way to get veggies into your kiddos!

All you need are a few celery stalks, some peanut butter, and some M&Ms or chocolate chips. Cut the celery into short lengths, spread some peanut butter into the hollow middle, and sprinkle it with your choice of candy. 

Kids will get a kick out of the fun presentation and enjoy the flavors, too!


Smoothies are an amazing way to hide some of those highly nutritious veggies that don’t taste as appealing behind the sweet flavors of fruits and even honey.

You can use water, coconut or almond milk, juice, or even yogurt as a base and add whatever fruits, veggies, or extras like honey, flax seeds, or chia seeds that you like and come out with a delicious smoothie that your kids will be excited to drink!

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What are some of your favorite healthy snacks for your kiddos? Drop them in the comments below!