• Callie Wernert
    Callie Wernert

    Training Wheels is a great place. Being a foster parent, our home constantly has kids coming in and out. The staff is excellent with our littles, and they keep us informed throughout the day. I don’t have to worry when I drop our children off because I know they are loved and cared for. Peace of mind goes a long way when you trust the ones caring for your kiddos.

  • Sara Dunn
    Sara Dunn

    Staff is hands down, the best! Extremely friendly and informative. I’m very impressed with my sons progress this year. His teachers are doing a great job. The facility is so clean, it looks brand new. I recommend Training Wheels to anyone looking for child care in Taylorsville.

  • Lisa and Morgan are incredible. All of the staff and teachers are fantastic. My children and I LOVE training wheels!!

  • Ashley Payne
    Ashley Payne

    We love TWCC! My daughter has learned so much from their wonderful teachers. Everyone treats her like their own. My son starts there soon and we can’t wait! The staff there goes above and beyond for the kids. Hands down the best place and we are so glad we decided to send our girl here.

  • Heaven Terry
    Heaven Terry

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DAYCARE !! Morgan I went to high school with she is such an AMAZING PERSON ... & To Miss Lisa she has such a BEAUTIFUL SOUL.. They do everything with the children they do Art & Crafts to Potty Training ! You guys are just the BEST EVER ... & Thank you guys for anything & everything yall for my child ! My Daughter loves the stuff & they love like she is their own .. She adjusted very well & is getting along great with the other children . She most definitely needed this .❤️

  • Family-like setting, with the most loving and trustworthy staff. Great enrichment activities.

  • The staff at this daycare are second to none. Simply put, they are amazing and are my daughter's second home away from home. They care for my crazy toddler nearly as much as I do! I can't say enough good things about these ladies. If you are looking for a daycare home for your little one, you can stop your search now and know that your child will be in the best possible care at Training Wheels Child Care.

  • We have absolutely loved the staff at Training Wheels. We came from another child care center, where my child was falling behind. As soon as they started at Training Wheels they began to excel. Switching to Training Wheels was the best decision for my child.

  • Marcia Vires
    Marcia Vires

    This is a great daycare with great workers who love your kids like their own!

  • Emily Jeffiers
    Emily Jeffiers

    We have our 5month old little boy at Training Wheels, and so far we love it! They keep us updated with all of his activities through the app. Having a close, and reliable place for him to go has been a blessing. All of the workers are truly passionate about child care!

  • Heather Emery
    Heather Emery

    As a parent I couldn’t ask for a better place to have my kiddo attend. They go above and beyond in everything they do. My kiddo couldn’t be happier going here she even asks to go on weekends.

  • Training wheels is amazing. My son absolutely loves his teachers. He has learned so much since being enrolled.

  • Lauren Pruitt
    Lauren Pruitt

    The best daycare! My 18 month old has loved all of the teachers and she has learned so much. She gets so excited to see them every morning. They also are great at doing activities with the kids, from bubbles to fire truck water sprinkler!

  • Ashley Hall
    Ashley Hall

    TWCC has been a special place to us for over 5 years. It has helped grow our kids in independence, confidence, and staff have loved them like their own. 2 of our children have graduated from their preschool program which I whole heartedly believe is the best. We have 1.5 years left with our last kiddo and we will be sad to be finished!