Why is Child Care Licensing Important?

Making sure a childcare provider is licensed is very important when deciding where to send your child. A licensed childcare center is required to meet certain standards when it comes to things like safety, cleanliness, nutrition, and staff accreditation.

But can’t you count on all of those standards being met in an unlicensed center as well? Let’s take a closer look at why childcare licensing is a vital part of any quality daycare center.

Why is Child Care Licensing Important?

Licensing Ensures a Child’s Safety

There are many things that work together to make childcare centers safe; if a daycare center wants to be licensed, they must follow several safety regulations to ensure the children in their care are kept safe and healthy.

Safety regulations also help provide better educational and learning environments for children. Things like child-to-teacher ratios and proper staff training all lend to a safe, caring environment for children in the center’s care.

A Licensed Childcare Center Provides a Quality Environment

Aside from just providing the basic safety needs of children, childcare licensing regulations help create an environment in which children can thrive.

Ongoing staff training and preparedness, early childhood education efforts, extracurriculars, and background checks for staff give parents peace of mind when they drop their child off at a daycare center, and these are all requirements of a licensed childcare center.

Licensing Also Ensure Nutritional Standards Are Met

Proper nutrition is incredibly important for young, growing children. Kids need healthy meals, the energy they provide, and someone to teach them good eating habits. A licensed childcare facility has certain requirements that they have to meet in this area, so they are able to partner with parents in helping to establish these healthy habits in young children.

Licensed childcare centers are also able to partner with the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). The CACFP offers invaluable assistance in the training of staff, guidance for food preparation regulations, and meal planning.

So when you are researching childcare centers, make sure that you are choosing a licensed childcare provider to ensure your child gets the best environment possible.